The Book

Happiness is doing what you love to do. Finding your passion is your opportunity to make a difference in the world. This book shows you how to live the life you were meant to live by guiding you through the process of self-discovery.
This process will help you find your passion and apply what you have learned about yourself to a career path. You learn how to use the invaluable external and internal tools to help guide you on your exciting journey.
You discover not only how to find your ideal business or career but also the basic marketing principles needed to get you started on your journey. Developing helpful resources in the form of success teams and coaches are recommended to support you as you transition into your future. Your ultimate desire is to find work that allows you to learn money while doing what you love to do. What you learn about yourself also helps you select the next step in your education process.
Job search preparation and interviewing skills are covered for readers aiming to fulfill their passion through work in the corporate or nonprofit sector.
The last section covers the training of your most valuable asset — your mind. This information readily transfers to every aspect of your life. Choose the process that best fits into your life and notice how what you need and desire become a part of your life.
Living your passion changes you, and it changes the world. Start now and begin living your passion! Live the life you desire!